What I Do
I have practiced the Art and Science of Network Chiropractic since 1997. "Network", (also known as Network Care, Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA), was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein of Boulder, Colorado. Donny teaches Network to practitioners all over the world, from Australia to Italy, and regularly consults with research teams from the University of California and elsewhere. Some of the Network research is available at www.wiseworldseminars.com.

In the twenty-plus years that Donny has spent developing Network, many changes and challenges have taken place in the work. But in recent years, as the research has been able to shed light on how the Care actually works, Network has enjoyed true acclaim both within and outside the chiropractic community.

Network is a gentle, profound, and respectful approach to healing. It is deceptively subtle, and the results are often life-changing. Two studies, using different research methods and different groups of people who were receiving Network Care, correlate with each other in that they define and verify exponential changes in individuals' quality of life as it relates to health issues. The first study ever undertaken to define "Wellness" was performed on people who were in Network Care.

The original Wellness Lifestyle study was done in the mid-'90's, and it was published in a major research journal in 2004.

The current research is even more complex and surprising. You can check out the main website to see what the latest findings are. There is also a list of certified practitioners worldwide.

Those of us who have received Network for awhile don't need the research to know the benefits of the care. Most of us have experienced deep changes in our lives, our relationships, our perspectives.

My Austin practice brings me great joy, and I am deeply grateful for this Gift of Network.